Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Checking in...

Dear friends,

I *think* a lot about this little space over here, but have not been very faithful at actually coming here.  To write. 

Here are my conundrums:

-Most of my kids are at the age where they don't really want me to write about them on the blog (or share pictures) anymore.  I used to write a lot about them, so I'm left (mostly) without at least that particular topic to write about. 

-Very few people comment anymore (and thank you so much if you do!  It is so gratifying to receive a comment and know that someone read these words.)  But it can be discouraging to write posts and then... wonder if anyone is even reading, and if not- why am I writing here?  Might as well just write in my journal, ya know?  But then I have been blessed so much by the blogs of others-- particularly in my early homeschooling years, that I want to be a blessing in any way that I can.  Then again, there are so.many.other wonderful blogs out there that maybe there's not much of a need for that anymore?

-It's been a painful year.  I don't really know what else to say about that. 

Anyway.  Just thinking out loud here.  :)  Perhaps some of you may have checked in and wondered... and I wanted to let you know I'm still here, pondering this space. 

And in real life?  Just loving my wonderful husband and kids, doing school, making meals, doing laundry and tidying the house... thinking lots about spring decluttering, and so thankful for the green I'm seeing outside and the warmth and promise of spring. 

Much love to you,

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Resolutions. But not REALLY.

I don't officially make New Year's resolutions.  Or at least I don't call them that.   I do like to reflect on my habits and try to make some changes.

The list from my journal is below, with notes made in italics for how these things are going, nearly a month in:

Read my Bible exclusively (no books this year, except homeschool-related) 
Oh boy.  This one is really, really hard.  I really miss reading.  Especially in the bathtub.  :)  And also in bed before I go to sleep.  The up-side is that I think I am picking up my Bible more, and I'm definitely journalling more, and praying more, too.  It's a little alarming that it hasn't even been an entire month and it's been this difficult, and I did spend a good deal of time trying to talk myself out of this whole idea of mine.  And yet.  I really believe that good fruit will come from this, and I don't want to miss out on that.  So I persevere.... :) 

Pray that I would live by the Spirit, keeping in step with the Spirit (Gal.5) 
This has long been a prayer of mine.  I am trying to be intentional about studying and praying through this Galatians passage and also Romans 8.  I really want to learn to be attuned to His voice throughout my days with the kids; that I would surrender my authority (reactions, responses) to HIS; and that I would be keen to it when I'm not.  Does that make sense?  So that's been my prayer.

Monitor internet time (20-30 minutes/day... set timer? add internet log onto my clipboard?) 
I am terrible with this.  I have really loved it when I have done this.  Set a timer, it goes off way before I feel ready, and I get off the computer.  Such freedom.  But I miss reading books so much that I find myself wanting to read MORE on the internet, which is exactly the opposite of the point.  I have good success when I write down ahead of time what I want to do that day, online: check email, look up recipe/pattern on Pinterest, check Facebook.  Then I'm purposeful about where I go and it helps me not to wander around online. 

Resume exercise (at least 20 min/day, every day but Sunday) 
At the end of October I tore my plantar fascia.  For anyone not familiar with that, the plantar fascia is a strip of tissue at the bottom of the foot that extends from the toes to the heel.  It's painful when that tears.  The doctor told me to keep "immobile" and stay off my foot.  (I laughed.)  I haven't been able to exercise in a few months, and that's been a sad thing.  Not that I love exercising, but I have learned that it's good for me, not just physically, but mentally.  But walking was out, as was jogging, which is what I was doing, along with 30-Day Shred.  At the beginning of January I finally purchased a stationary bike and have been using that for 30 minutes a day for exercise.  So I'm back in a discipline of exercise, and am looking forward to being able to walk and run again... someday.

Send more cards of encouragement (including to Mark and the kids)
I think I am doing more overall, and I'm glad about that.  

Start saving change toward our 20-year anniversary trip 
There's now a jar on our dresser labelled  20 Years! that we're throwing our change in.  :)

Be grateful; practice a first-response of gratitude, not criticism or complaining 
I'm sure I will desire this until the day that I die.  I keep praying for this.

Be diligent in household tasks: see a mess and desire to tackle it; overcome it for peace in our home
I try.  I am tackling the laundry much more.

Eat healthier: use My Fitness Pal to keep track of calories for a season.
This is sort of hilarious because as I was making this list, I was porking out on BBQ chips ;)  Chips are my nemesis for eating healthy.  I can walk right past a plate of cookies or dessert and not EVEN be tempted, but chips?  I love. Sigh.  I have been tracking fairly regularly on MFP.

Set phone alarm for 9:45pm and go to bed earlier
This is sort of laughable, because that alarm went off for a few nights and I just turned it right off and we went to bed hours later, as usual.  Baby steps.  We have made it to bed before midnight a few times this month, and that, my friends, is progress.  

* * *

Thursday, January 22, 2015

LEGO | Beach scene

Lego bricks are a major fixture in our home.  

Yours, too? 

Isaac (11) is always coming up with new creations, but I especially liked his latest:


And here's the whole set-up, complete with a boy building a sandcastle, a sunbather, the surfer, and a lifeguard-- who'd better get moving


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keeping | Nature Study Journals

Whenever we sit down with our nature journals, outdoors or indoors, I think "Why don't we do this more often?"  We love this.

Last week I grabbed a vase of flowers, a stick from the yard, and a snipping off of our camellia tree, set them all in the middle of the table, and we painted.  Well, they painted while I read aloud, and then I joined them when I'd finished the chapter and they were still working.  ;)


This one is from my five-year-old:

and this, from my six-year-old:

I was so proud of her because sitting still is nearly impossible for her and she generally lasts about a minute during any crafting time.  But she painted!  And look: you can even make out a flower there on her page.  :) 

This next one is from my nine-year-old:


and this, from the eleven-year-old:


This one is Ella's (age 13):


Finally, here's mine.  (Don't look too closely, though, because I misspelled Camellia when I first wrote it.  I've since changed it but this picture bothers me because of the typo.  ;))


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Monday, January 12, 2015

First day back after our "December" break ;)

Today was our first day back to school.  I had planned to begin last week, but two of the kids were sick so my good intentions fell apart. What we DID do last week was make and mail out all of our Christmas thank you cards (which is no small undertaking; I think we sent out nearly 30 cards) and we took a field trip to see some eagles who were fishing for salmon at a nearby river. 


But this week?  We're in.  We are gradually easing our way back to routine. 

Our (light) schedule for today was:

Devotions (independent Bible time)
Breakfast (oatmeal)
   Bible & narrations
   My ABC Bible Verses
Outside Time (20 min)
Ella: Piano practice
Isaias: Spelling
Isaac: storytime with the little girls
Read-aloud (I began reading Little House in the Big Woods; I read it in 2008 with the older three, but now I get to read it again so that the little girls can appreciate it.)
Nature Study
Picture Study: Diego Velazquez
Isaac: Piano practice

That's it!  What we didn't do that would normally be on our Monday schedule:

-me, waking up by 6:30.  (I woke at 7:45)
-memory work at breakfast
-Daily Checklist (for the older three): Math, Copywork/Cursive and Assigned reading

But it was a good first day back!

Hope you had a wonderful day!

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